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Prom Dress
The style of prom dresses and evening wear varies tremendously from year to year. Some years everyone will wear cocktail-length dresses, and other years long dresses will be the rage. 

For many years black has been the most popular color, whilst lately pastels and metallic's are starting to make a comeback. If you are not sure what you want, look in magazines and in shops.

Hair, Nails, Makeup
You might have one or all three of these items done professionally for your special night. There are beauty salons and mobile services that will do your prom hair style or all all three, or you could schedule appointments at different places for each service. Look in magazines and on television to get an idea as to what is in style and what you like.

Most school proms are formal occasions and the usual dress for the guys is a tuxedo (they have tuxedos for girls as well). If it is a little less than formal occasion, then a suit or sports coat will do. 

What is a prom without a ride in a limousine. There are upmarket saloon cars, that seat about 4 people, stretch limousines that seat about six people, super and super-super stretch limos that seat more than six people. The bigger they are the more costly they are going to be but the bigger they are then the more people that they will hold, so if you are splitting the bill with others, then the cost per person might well be within your price range. 

Your choice of the music provider at the prom can make or break the evening. Your choices include a live band, a sound system, a sound system with a light show, and even a Karaoke system. There are other entertainers that you may well wish to consider that can provide additional or alternative forms of entertainment such as magicians and cabaret acts.

When choosing a photographer to photograph the couples at your prom, you should consider everything the photographer is able to offer you: good quality, honest prices, and quality service. What you need to determine is who can offer the best combination of these different elements.

An addition to your prom might be to have a video recording of the night. We have included videographers that are available to record the event.

Many schools have their prom in the school gym, and by using the school facilities for this event you can save quite a bit in your budget, and, with a little imagination and some work, turn the gym into a festive facility.

If you want a complete break from the school environment, or the school facilities are unsuitable, then there are numerous venues that can completely cater your event. These facilities have complete dinner and beverage packages that are tailored to proms.

Prom Night currently lists Prom Dress Stockists from the following counties:

Avon, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Kent, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Devon, Greater London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Norfolk, West Sussex, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Isle of Wight, Somerset

We will be continuously adding to our directory of prom related services. If you know of any business we have omitted, or you would like to make any recommendations for this website, then please contact us.

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